IT Consulting

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring an IT consulting company, hiring an IT consulting company will save you cost, IT consulting company will bring experience, hiring an IT consulting company will help you focus on your day to day business tasks.

Computer Networks

Ultech is certified to design and install network cabling following international standard as prescribe by Molex. We have also partnered with the best in the market to offer custom MPLS solutions. We design and implement scalable networks with good network performance. Ultech Solutions has the expertise to deploy complex networks.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We supply and install both voice and video intercoms, boardroom and auditorium multimedia systems, office and home control systems which will allow you to set scenes for sprinklers,  lights, HVAC, internal and external temperature monitoring devices, electricity consumption monitoring devices, surveillance system. Our technology will save you money and time by allowing you to control and monitor events remotely via the web or app interface.

VoIP Telephone System

Ultech Solutions has the expertise to deploy large and small custom VoIP solutions that are based on opensource technology. We believe we can help you save 40% of your monthly telephone bill by implementing our proven solutions. Please contact us for a free assessment. 

Web Applications

Creating a strong online presence is key to promoting your brand. We can help you with domain registration, Windows and Linux hosting, static website design and web application development. We use rapid application development methodology (RAD) to increase team efficiency. Please contact us for a custom solution.

Document Management

There are so many reasons why current business should consider moving towards paperless solutions i.e. climate change, reduce printing cost, easy to retrieve documents, physical documents are kept in a remote and secured storage.
Some client’s documents are required by law to be kept for a certain period. So our solution will help you do just that. Please contact us fro a free assessment.

Quality Guaranteed

Ultech Solutions has highly skilled engineers to deliver complex solutions. We follow best practices to help us delivery quality products within budget and time-frame.